Destined - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast I never noticed before the difference in the two styles of writing between P.C. And Kristen, but since I read a review where a book blogger brought up how she could tell the difference and now it is so glaringly obvious! You would think they would iron that out in editing a little more.

1. Stevie Rae's accent dissappears almost completely sometimes. Other times it is ridiculous! (Sayin', takin', seein', 'preciate, 'specially, purrin', y'all, etc.) I don't think continuity is too much to ask of a book.
2. The overuse of the word seriously is annoying.
3. How many times can BFF be used in one book?
4. This book also overused the word super (super important, super purple, super creepy, super anxious, super crazy and it goes on and on and on)
5. I really don't appreciate how they use the word "stuff".
6. Nisroc talks like Yoda.
7. They actually use the word pussy in this book, that is all I got to say about that.