The Sookie Stackhouse Companion - Charlaine Harris I really enjoyed this book. I really appreciated the summary and timeline of what happened in each book. I was startng to find myself getting lost in between waiting for the newest book to come out and so this really helped refresh my memory. It also reminded me just how much True Blood deviates from the book. Not all bad, but nice to be reminded.

The novella was also very nice and showed a little more of the battle that the two-natured (toeys) must be fighting on their front since "coming out". I just love Sam, so having him in the whole novella was like a Christmas present for me! :)

I didn't find the correspondence between Bill and Eric to be believeable. I can't imagine the two of them chatting on the phone like two teenage girls and discussing Sookie as if she were a child and not a competent adult. It was also confusing as it was always placed at the end of each book's summary and included events already covered in the summary.